World of Warcraft Gold 10

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World of Warcraft Gold Coin US Service Trading Method: Auction House, Mailing

We can deliver your order within 1-12 hours, and 99% of orders can be done within 1 hour - 6 hours.
We have no bots, so mine gold is 100% safe.

For your gold coin security, YiGame strongly recommends that you use the auction house to trade, and choose this method to trade, we will charge 5% gold coins. So the amount of gold coins you should hang at the auction house = the amount of gold coins you place to order + the handling fee of 5% gold coins

Don't return your WoW coins to anyone, even those who have just traded gold coins to you. usually only the scammer will let you return the coins. If you are cheated, we will not compensate you.
We recommend that you spend as soon as you receive the gold coin, which will greatly reduce the possibility that the gold coin will be confiscated by Blizzard.

payment method:
Paypal (dollar payment)
Alipay payment (highly recommended): This is a payment for RMB. You will save an extra amount of money by paying in this way. We strongly recommend this method.
Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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